Thursday, November 26, 2009

Goodness in People - A faded glory ??

Some Erratic / Eccentric Thoughts

On a long weekend, unlike my comrades who will be still fighting demons or building their paradise in their early morning dreams , I’m welcoming this dawn with my cuppa coffee and erratic thoughts ……

I have just come back from a small trip and my bags are still lying around unpacked :) ….and since there is no chance that the bags will do the same themselves – in spite of me giving them time for 3 days , I decided to undertake the cleansing process myself …

A few Fab India kurtas ( that give me that fake intellectual look), the assorted bottles of pickles that Amma lovingly packed ( typical South Indian eh ?), Chips & halwa (Calciut specials brought on order), the regular temples’ prasadams ( which Amma and myself offer constantly in the belief that they will set right everything someday – in a way trying to bribe the Gods and grab attention !!), medicines for some dear and near ones (its cheaper to fly to India than buy medicines from UAE), a few movie CDs and not to forget my favourite – lots of books --- fiction, non fiction, biographies, self help etc... these need to last till my next trip back home when I replenish them.

Hmmm…tats not a big list eh? Yup- was just lazy to do the unpacking till now…. As I go thru my bags, I find some old papers as well…. Papers that make me go thru helluva emotions even today --- its not what’s in those papers that affect me – but the background, the basic essence of human nature that reflects from them….

Goodness in people ---- yes, something that’s fast approaching extinction!! How many of us believe in this aspect even today – a countable few? Rather a degenerating class of people whom others classify as gullible fools….Its jus the way of the world today …don’t you remember the days of growing up when your parents would warn you consistently about being wary of the BAD people around you ….Im sure we would have heard more about the evil in people, the bad things they do to children, the cruelties people have faced, people responsible for war , bad politics etc etc……... and as for Good ??? Good people featured only in the epics or ancient history – mainly in the form of different avatars; and the maximum in movies –wherein the hero would be the apostle to bringing goodness to this world. J Even today, when you see a beggar, you are first reminded of the stories that your folks must have told you that beggars kidnap children, make them beg etc etc ….. how often do u pause and think – how genuine they may be in their handicap that left them unable to do any other physical work? How often do we stop and look at a person on the road , who may be in dire need of help--- but wat runs in our mind is the 100 stories we have heard of offering lifts or help to strangers on the highways and we speed away !! How many of us believe someone who tells you that they haven’t had food in days and request for some monetary help promising to return it –we shrug it off with a quote on principles “ Tat I don’t believe in lending money to friends or family- it spoils the relationship !!”

Yes, you would tend to term yourselves as people who are smart enough to live in this world and not gullible like the others…… but then do we also recognize the goodness in people? Do we pass on this goodness to the future? Are we just deteriorating to a selfish class of simply materialistic people?

I have had some really close people cheating me – of money, emotions, feelings, vulnerability, my life etc--- yes, in my close group of friends – people do whisper that Im jus a gullible idiot…. Jus because I still believe in the goodness of people. Jus like 2 sides to a coin, every person has goodness and badness in them – a person is judged only by the extent of which qualities overbear in his personality….. Yes, I did have some negative impact in my life because I tend to look at the goodness of people rather than the evil in them --- but someday, Im sure the same goodness they too would pass on to others knowingly or unknowingly…. Its rather a chain – more like our nuclear fission or fusion ( I was never good in Physics ;) ) – we do good, we believe in goodness and that passes on and on to others…. And somewhere we are also a part of that chain. Again, being vulnerable and gullible just doesn’t come from believing goodness in people--- so many other factors add to it--- but how often don’t we hear—I was jus vulnerable and he cheated me –I was jus gullible to believe his story – I will never again belive a person- never again trust the goodness in people….. this is absolutely obnoxious….. several other factors led to each other – but at the end , u just blame the goodness in people.

Im sure several people would disagree to the above—but I would rather say --- pause and think…. What makes it so difficult for us to accept the goodness in people – why cannot we tend to look at a stranger more on a defensive note rather than an open note? Why do we tend to look at all with suspicion rather than acceptance? There is a basic goodness in people --- in ALL people and we need to evoke this in each and every one of us…. Coz this world needs it…. Consider the next generation--- we ourselves are at the heights of disbelief—what would they turn out to be – jus a bunch of self obsessed and materialistic individuals who are unaware of what goodness is !! We are simply depriving them the pleasure of a peaceful and happy co existence in this world…..

So my dear people , I just end with this note that if each of us takes our baton to uphold our belief in the goodness of people , this world would soon be a better place !!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Me , Myself

Welcome to my world......

This blog is my experimentation with amateur writing -- more better to call it my scribbling about anything and everything I feel like !!! So people...though I pity your plight to read my blogs....I need to voice out :) and you dont have a choice !!! :-)

I am not too techy to understand the pros, cons and how the blogs work as well , so many a time you will have to bear with me :)

My earlier experience with blogging was not quite encouraging since I had posted quite a few messages and one fine day I find the whole thing to have disappeared --- as every bad workman, I blamed it on the tools :-).

Now I am back and hope to post some stuff soon .
So , on that note , welcome once again to my world !!!