Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

Yup, it’s the 5th of September once again..the day celebrated as the World Teacher’s Day across the globe.
Mata Pitah Guru Daivam… from time immemorial we know that our teacher’s place is next to God along with our parents. Teachers have been equally responsible for our development as our parents..infact in our initial years , the main pillars of our lives have always been our parents and teachers coz we spend our maximum time with them…be it at home or school/college etc. In fact at a certain age, our teacher’s words are considered as the ultimate say , the last word in many topics…” My teacher taught me like this. My teacher said its like this, so its like this “is a very common statement we hear from kids even today…. That is the trust that a child places in a teacher, the unconditional, unquestioning belief in their teacher’s words….. and that’s a great responsibility to uphold…
Ok people, this post is not just to enlighten you or take a gyan session on teachers and their importance and to bore you…but just thought will take you down my memory’s road and remember some outstanding teachers who have made a wonderful difference to my life…
Whenever I think of my teachers, the first person I remember is my first Principal, Mr Vaideeswaran when I was in UKG :) (my friends say I have a good memory….. yup an elephant never forgets :)) He was a brilliant person, the fact that he remembered the names of all the students in the KG school i.e. more than 200 students always astonished me.. he always had a personal word for each student and we held him great awe.
Mrs.Merlin(LKG), Mrs.Girija Menon (1st std), Ms.Priya Nair( 2nd std), Mrs. Girija Ethirajan (3rd std), Ms.Regina Daniel, Mrs.Flora Vaz(4th std), Mrs.Prasanna Rajkumar , Mrs.Susan Kurian (6th,7th 8th), Mrs.Beena Jerome, Mrs.Gopinath, Mr.Sahadevan(9th), Mr.Tomy George, Sarala Madam (10th), Ghosh Sir, Mrs.Usha Varkey, Mr.Rajendran(11th), Mr.Khalid(12th), Mrs.Beena Kishore, Ms.Anadavally(Bcom), Mrs.Seetha RK, Mr.Mohan, Vasanthi Madam – all these teachers have been a part of my life starting from kindergarten till my Post Graduation J My class teachers are mentioned within the brackets J All these people have touched my life in one way or the other….
Ms.Merlin had real patience and was such a soft spoken teacher whose voice would drive us to do things the right way. Mrs.Girija Menon was a very strict and short tempered teacher, my memories of her is her big bindi and she used to send my maths book flying out of the classroom :) I was an ace in mathematics –then and now..can’t blame her ;) Met her after 15 years when I was in college by chance and it was great ! Ms.Priya Nair & Ms.Regina Daniel were more like friends to us students since they had just graduated and joined teaching and were young a bubbly..Mrs.Susan Kurian was our epitome for patience, discipline and dedication. She made the ever so boring Social Studies fact used to study the subject just to impress her ;) Mrs.Beena Jerome combined English classes with fun, still remember the jingle of her key chain which announced her arrival in advance, who used to drill into us thumb rules like  "I before E, except after C", till date she still maintains that fun filled approach to teaching English .Mrs.Usha Varkey, yet another favorite of mine , she had an aura around her, her ways of teaching, her style of dressing etc was always held in awe by us students. Mrs.Beena Kishore, is my most favorite lecturer at college. Her simplicity and dedication to teaching us always made me admire her bcoz in today’s world its hard to come across teachers like her, who are devoted to the cause. Mrs.Seetha, taught me more on life than English I would say. Her selfless nature, die hard optimism, her outlook to life and her undying support & belief in me have drawn me more close to her…she has stood by me more as a friend in those times of need when you just need a shoulder to cry on …
All these teachers of mine have been an integral part of my life… I may not have valued it then but when I look back and also on life’s journey, each one of them in some way or the other have contributed to my personality and yes of course positively… The negative traits are mine alone…no one is to be held responsible for the same ;)  
These days teachers like these are hard to come by, most of them look at teaching more like a profession than passion. I have been lucky to have these brilliant teachers in my life who have selflessly and with dedication devoted their lives to teaching make us better individuals, good human beings….
Teachers are one of the greatest people whom you come across in your life. They are not only the selfless givers but also the mentors of your life. Many a times in life, you feel like thanking your teacher but you do not find a proper occasion. So this Teachers day, this blog post is dedicated to all those wonderful teachers out there and thank you for being a part of my life and touching my life in a wonderful way !!!