Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Make the World a Better Place ??

Yet another long weekend :) UAE national Day !! The last week has been abudant with holidays and I can jus imagine what the period after this is gonna be at work !
Plans for the day ? Feel like taking a break away from everything & everybody :) Go off to an unknown place with unknown people --- heights of depression ? Nope --- just a bit of space in life :)
People are strange creatures --- God has made them so complex with a multitude of emotions and he calls them a higher species compared to others .... How simpler life would have been if i were a bird , a fish , an ant , a bear ?!@# Why a human ? I would fly high as a bird , changing locations once in a while, no strings attached..... A fish swimming in shoal of others - be it a lake, sea or ocean with no boundaries - An ant very typical to a human but stocks away for the future fully knowing the repercussions ... A bear who can hiberante off without any worries--- ha ha ha ... I know the otherside to it as well... but so simple are these lives....

Look at us --- each day --a struggle to survive and mind you just to survive not to LIVE ... the difference is huge...as Sir ER Braithwaite rightly said.... " Life is like a battlefield, u need to be a warrior to LIVE in it , not EXIST ! Existence is jus going thru life by dragging ur soul behind --- LIVE is to actually go thru your life savouring each moment "
Life is general has become so busy for people--- everyone is in that rat race ---- to reach somewhere-- a destination unseen / mis interpreted as success in life !!

Look around you-- all that we see are people trying to make big in this world.... be it thru hook or crook... there used to be a time when people believed that with hardwork and lil bit of luck, we could succeed in life ... but gone are those days-- today , the ground rules to success are cut throat competition, backstabbing/ backbiting, b###hing, cheating, following selfish interests alone and of course crushing over someone (inspite that it can be avoided)....
Is this the characteristics of the wonderful species that Almighty above created ???

Selfishness has become a way of life today ---- how often do we pause to think of others ; their feelings; emotions; or parents- their lives, how often do we try to adjust or accomodate others ???
Yes of course, we have a reason for the same -- I'm busy in my daily life, I have a family to think of , what am I ultimately getting from doing all this--why take the hassle ??? Yes, why bother ----didnt ur parents bother about bringing you up-- were they selfish at that time ???
Didnt ur parents or their peers struggle to make a living but with all that make lives for others as well? Do we go thru all that ?
Of course the world was a much better place that time--- why bcoz there were much better people that time..... the world is the same--- the only thing that has changed is the people in this world.... with degenerating values, time, space, and emotions.....

The SELF has become more prominent--- the root cause of all evils next to MONEY :)
Animals or other creatures though they dont try to make the world a better place, they dont destroy the same......What do we - as humans do to make this place a better world for a new generation???

I end on this note that lets make a conscious effort -- each of can make a difference to this world in our own small ways --- lets try to make this a better place since we owe it to the next generation for their LIFE ( and not EXISTENCE) !!

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