Friday, January 15, 2010

A movie review

Another weekend….. a successful day of cleaning, cleaning and only cleaning!! And yes – have a clean & shining house to myself.

Called up a few friends to say Hello…. Everyone is busy in their own lives – no complaints but its amazing how relationships change with time…… Recently happened to see a beautiful movie on the same – ‘Rithu’ by ShyamaPrasad. It’s a movie that talks about the friendship of 3 people and how it changes with time.

Sharath (Nishan) is a techie who dreams of a life beyond the syntax on his monitor. Aspiring to pen a book some day, he has all his hopes pinned on his childhood friends Varsha (Rima) and Sunny (Asif), as he returns home after a brief stint of three years in the US. The once inseparable trio joins hands together once again, but as their fingers gradually drift away, Sharath realizes that the times have changed, and so have seasons and hearts.
The film is a complete breakaway from the average ‘commercial’ Malayalam movie. The movie explores several untouched or taboo topics often shied away by Malayalam cinema – subtle sexual references, homosexuality, the modern Indian girl etc etc. However, the movie does not judge its characters based on these traits – they are just accepted to be a way of life or dismissed as ‘personal matter’.

The most striking aspect of this movie has to be the fact that every one of us can identify with the characters. Everyone is so un-filmy and very realistic. This is probably the most novel part of the film. The scenes in Rithu deserve special mention. All locations are simply so beautiful! Camera work is remarkable and is nothing like what we’ve seen

In the end, Rithu doesn’t discuss an issue. Neither does it make a point. It doesn’t tell us “This is good, while this is bad.” Hell, it doesn’t even have a fully complete ending, but it has a truly endearing core theme. And this theme has been brought out very well indeed. All the things shown are real, true to life and totally identifiable. A must-watch for all, especially youngsters. Try to catch a copy of the movie--- don’t think u will regret watching it…..

After seeing the movie, I thought, Gosh that definitely needs a review… the movie is so fresh—with new faces, and beautiful locales and the essence of the story being that People need to change with time….. those who don’t find themselves to be misfits here !!!

Guess I should be learning something from that !!

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