Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goodbye 2010

New Year is here again and it’s amazing that yet another year has whizzed past before we even realize fully justifying the old quote ‘Time flies’….yours truly back at her scribbling board with my share of reminisces of the year 2010.

At home, we normally welcome the New Year with Amma lighting the lamp at 00.00 hrs and praying for the happiness, prosperity & good health of our entire dear and near ones. Once I hit the bed after the customary calls and wishes, I lie back tracing footsteps back to the past year-it’s fun to think of all the positive things that have happened – fun, jokes, happy times, get-togethers etc. Again I do contemplate on those not so positive incidents – could be anything ranging from small health issues, accidents, heartbreaks, job loss or even loss of life of a dear one. This reinforces the belief that just like a coin has 2 sides, life too has its share of happiness & sorrow. How true when they say one can appreciate light only when one has experienced darkness…. That’s how my year 2010 has been…

I always love to begin a New Year with a lot of positivity, new resolutions, renewed relationships etc. Yup, retaining that spirit throughout the year is a struggle J but it definitely keeps you going. And last year too I started on the same note with a strong resolution to have a zest for life, be more sociable ;) ( which is quite a difficult task for me ), be more health conscious (alternatively do some exercise other than getting into and out of the car :)) & last but not least be more organized with my finances.

Jan 2010 went quite smoothly without any major events. Feb & March had me head over heels with work and office since there was a major restructure happening and we were trying our best to bring up the sinking ship. April brought me sorrow as well as joy and both in the extremes –the biggest loss in this year was my grandmother who passed away on April 29th, she was wonderful woman whom I admire for her determination & undeterred love for her children- she was the pillar of our family who kept the entire joint family united under her wings. April also offered me signs of a renewed hope of love in my life, new hopes; new dreams….I decided to step out of my cocoon where I had buried myself for the past 3 yrs and once again dream of a life.

May 2010 brought about the sad news that our company was closing down and we were all being laid off with 3 months notice time. However, as they say love makes you blind and you are oblivious to the things around you. I was in love, for the first time in my life…. and I was ready to face any situation with this renewed zest to life. Yup, so that’s where my first resolution to bring out the zest to life in me worked.

May also brought about our annual Providence College alumni meet which I hadn’t attended for years, but this year I took my second resolution seriously and ventured out for the first time to a crowd of 56 people and honestly I enjoyed it, made new friends & renewed social ties. And can you believe it that for the year 2011 my batch (tats me and my friends) is going to be organizing the same ;) (he he… sometimes I go overboard being social, don’t I)?

June started off on a good note since after 3 years of dragging at various courts, I won my divorce case and all the paper work was settled and officially I was single again. But once again be it destiny or fate or even luck, life has its strange ways of telling us no happiness is permanent. The biggest shock came to me when I realized that I had built my dreams on an unscrupulous cheat, for whom life was just another big joke and had made a mockery of my feelings. But better late than never, at least I was saved from the clutches of a looming disaster at a very early stage, I told myself… my positivity and zest for life kept me going again.

July & Aug were months spent on serious job hunting and I did pick up my last 2 resolutions during this month... First thing I did was to join a gym for 2 months and neither I nor the trainer there could believe that I was one of the most regular members there – yup, the machines are still intact and in good condition , not to worry ;) but this regular schedule did have its desired effect on my physical and mental health…Wait, don’t go back to look at my photo ;), when I said desired effect , it jus meant toning down or losing a little weight , not that I became a super model (oh pls folks…this is Sajitha that you are talking about ;)) As far as organizing my finances were concerned, sat down on it and cleared up the beautiful mess that had been going about for 2-3 yrs – set off loans, cleared credit cards, sold my car, gave up my flat and yes had a completely clean chit.

Job hunting did not work out well due to recession …and hence decided to relocate back home. Leaving behind Dubai was not so easy, a place I had lived for the past 7 years .It was hard to leave good friends especially Sapna & Amrith who stand as my pillars of friendship any day, Ishan- their son, who is my closest pal and the apple of my eye, and my sister Soumi & Chandru (my bro in law) –always standing beside me with their undeterred support and love.

Sept 2010, I said Goodbye to Dubai and headed back home because firstly I needed a break and secondly or most importantly, my little sister was due with her first baby. The next day after I landed in town, she delivered a baby girl (what a timing eh? ;)) - Ameya, we named her. She is the best thing that happened in 2010 :)… her million dollar smile is something I can die for ;) Sept hence was busy with relatives, guests swarming the house to catch a glimpse of our tiny bundle of joy.

Sept & Oct had me fully occupied with our new star, baby talk, baby rhymes, vaccines L…never knew when the month whizzed by. Oct also had me renewing ties with 2 of my close friends, and we never stop chatting these days, much to the complains of others ;)

November had me doing my normal pilgrimages to all the temples along with Amma trying to bribe and coax the Gods :) ,a beautiful day at Guruvayur topped the list. I love visiting temples and the sanctity and peace drives a new gush of positivity to my soul.

December was a bit lean since I had to undertake some treatment for my hand the whole month, where I was under Ayurvedic treatment for the same. But the end of the month brought about the real joy of meeting old friends from school- a school reunion that I have earlier blogged down. Also caught up with some college friends and had a great time.

So that’s my roller coaster year 2010…. Yes, have been my best with my resolutions in 2010 that I haven’t made any for the year 2011 ;) (there is a saying in Malayalam “ Swaram nannaavumbol paattu nirthanam” – which literally means we should stop singing when the voice is good )

Good friends, supportive family and my bundle of joy has made the year 2010 quite a memorable one – though there have been not so good memories too, all that I am carrying to this new year 2011 are just these – my friends, family & of course my new lil buddy !!

Wish you all a very Happy & Blessed New year and hope your year will be filled with the happiest memorable events in the New Year!!!

Ciao ….


Unknown said...

Love the write up Saji!!!

Anonymous said...

Life definitely is all about ups and downs and am glad you're able to appreciate the positives better. Good luck for 2011 :)